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Attract consumer attention

Make your Showcase your best sales agent, with fun, varying and non-repetitive content that keep consumers interested, and draw the attention of 300% more public.

Promote your product sales

Sm4b shoots and presents your products at customized prices, which you can change as many times as you wish by simply calling our Customer Support. 80% of consumers will more easily remember and keep your messages.

Improve business with a technological boost

Turn your business into an entertaining and innovative environment. Use technology to improve your image and results. 70% of decisions to buy or NOT buy are made while looking at your showcase, and within your premises.


We are an ICT company specialized in corporate processes enhancement via image processing.


Our visual management-based systems enhance the areas of Marketing, Sales, HR, Stock-out Control, and Internal Communication.


It is a scalable solution, with distinct FUNCTIONALITIES adapting to any type of company or institution regardless of size, at much more reduced costs than other current methods.


What do we know about the buyer?

70% of purchases are decided in the shop.


• 68% of purchases made in a shop are impulse-driven.


• 68% of shoppers alternate between different brands.


• Only 5% of shoppers declare fidelity for a brand.


• 73% shop in 5 or more points of sale.


• Only 26% are faithful to a dealer.


• Moving images with short and direct messages represent 300% more attention drawn from the public than traditional printed material.


• The public remembers about 80% more of any content presented on dynamic screens than on any other media.


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